What is a CCPS?

A CCPS (Certified Clinical Partner Specialist) has been specially trained to treat partners of sex addicts who have been traumatized by betrayal.

“Historically other treatment programs adopted the 12-step model from Alcoholics Anonymous and believed that partners of sex addicts were “codependents” or “co-addicts”. APSATS, the organization that trains recipients of the CCPS certification, believes very strongly that partners had no idea that the sex addict was betraying her/him and did not collude with the sex addict in any way. Sexual addiction is a process addiction and is very different from other substance abuse addictions. APSATS knows that the partner had no idea that the sex addict was violating the relationship and that partners had no part in enabling the sexual addiction.” –APSATS (Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Specialists)

Therefore, treatment for partners by a CCPS is focused on setting a gentle path for healing based on trauma, not codependence.