Finding the Sunny Spot

I am often fortunate to be in the right place at the right time in order to benefit from cosmic wisdom when I least expect it.

One of my best life lessons has come to me via a tiny, black and white Shitzu pup. She has several superpowers, not the least of which is a cuteness factor that makes even the busiest of grown ups want to stop in the middle of anything just to pick her up and hold her. Although she is also blind (a rescue with a traumatic past), she has a notable purposefulness and never seems to lack an agenda that gets fully accomplished on any given day. Her driving agenda? — Being in the best moment…..Every moment.

One beautiful day last summer, she came to our farm to visit. Usually when she visits she stays within the span of one or two rooms, closely following the sound of our voices and movements. She likes to be social. She generally also stays close when let out into the yard.

Her usual outside routine is to spin in circles, with an occasional variation of walking in a straight line for a few paces between spins. (She no doubt learned this being on her own before her rescue.) However, on this particular day we realized she was no longer in her grassy spot by the door.

As we scanned the garden for her characteristic checkerboard mop pattern, we located it around the side of the house. She had trekked, one step at a time, over the endless carpet of ground cover and shadows made by the solid canopy of shade trees……and lay napping……in the one and only sunny spot.

How did she find it? With no visual, no directives, no logic, and no pre-established map, how did she achieve her best comfy place that day? I believe she just went with God’s sense of what was within her reach, one little risky step at a time. The right spot just drew her, and she fit in the middle of it.

Sometimes we make it too hard. Perhaps we feel the shade is good enough…we fear the first step, or the unknown of today’s journey. Perhaps our past damage has us fearing it’s repetition, or believing the past is our lot for the future. Or maybe we feel the sunny place is not a great enough accomplishment. Sometimes we just make it too hard.

Each day has our sunny spot arranged for us by our Higher Power. It is a touch from unconditional Love., often so simple we miss it. Some days it is right here in the moment. Other days we just have to let go, start moving, and take the next right step to find it.