Cat Stories: How to Pick our Battles

I once had a very sweet cat who, nevertheless, would often do things that made me wonder about his sanity. One rainy day he demonstrated this with great flair. The rain that day was especially persistent and more than a drizzle.

As I looked out the door, I spotted him sitting in his favorite spot. It happened to be right
outside the protection of the overhanging roof. He was soaking wet, his little eyes blinking with each raindrop that fell into them. Had he moved three inches toward the house, he would have been dry. But there he sat, in his favorite spot, drenched .

The moral?

Sometimes we can get so focused on doing things the way we always have, keeping things under the “control” of the familiar, that we fail to notice that God is providing better for us if we just let go of our mindsets. I often use the Serenity Prayer to help me find my perspective. I ask myself: ‘Is this something that I can change? If so, what part?”

Sometimes we can actually change the circumstance. But other times we need to just get ourselves out of the rain.