This “little” buddy is just having a great time playing in the water! You just have to smile looking at this picture!

When was the last time YOU played! (Whether in the water or otherwise!)  It’s summertime! The perfect time for play! As adults we tend to be so consumed with the work and other commitments in our lives that we don’t prioritize play. When we do make down time for ourselves, we tend to stare at screens rather than actually play. Did you know that play

  • releases endorphins (your brain’s feel good hormones);
  • improves brain function;
  • boosts creativity;
  • can improve connection with others (when you play together); and
  • is a therapeutic tool used to help facilitate emotional healing and addiction recovery!?

Play can be board games, bike rides, playing with a pet, frisbee, or grabbing your favorite kiddo and heading to the local splash pad for some great water fun just like our little buddy here! There does not need to be any “point” other than to just have fun. Give yourself permission to joyfully PLAY this summer! Have fun!