Look up!

Many of us did not see this coming.  Nearly three years past the onset of COVID, and life has yet to reset.  We are jarred by several new realities:

-A new disease we thought would by now be conquered having become a plague with ever changing variants

-What used to be the sometimes annoying but necessary parts of life such as paying bills, doing business, getting our groceries, have now become heavy lifting, or insurmountable obstacles, depending on the day . 

-We are suddenly in a world of shortages, backorders, staffing issues, inflation, general malaise and nation-wide overwhelm.  How do we find help when our helpers are overwhelmed? How do we feel heard in a world where the only recourse is becoming interaction with the nameless (or named) bots?

Look up. Literally. There are messages in the sky.

-The Perseids Meteor Shower happens every year in late July & early August. A message perhaps…..the beauty is available to those who pursue it. We can get there simply by taking a seat or a moment to recline in the yard and stare a bit.

-The curious and extreme weather patterns in our region have been and are now  creating strange and  magnificent designs through the cloud configurations at all hours of day and night. If we look for them……..if we see them, we notice a shift deep inside ourselves. Just for a moment…..the sense that something is bigger than we are.  A sense of calm.

-Even in the violence of the recent pummeling storms there have been moments of profound illumination and clarity provided by the startling flashes of lightning.  What we see during those is a very different perspective than our daily preoccupations with our own agitations, griefs, and administrivias. We may have to squint….but we see differently. If our eyes are open the perspective is ours for the taking.

Look up.

We are hardwired for higher perspective…for Other Than…….

Take the moment. Notice. Draw aside. Breathe.

You are not alone.

Look up.