Look Again…..

“Trust is not built in big, sweeping moments. It’s built in tiny moments every day.” This reminder from Brene Brown can be a life-line for us as we build tiny moment onto tiny moment to develop our trust in ourselves or in our recovering loved one. Also, in the case of addiction or betrayal, this applies as one builds a track record so the betrayed partner or traumatized family members can gradually begin to trust the recovering person.

It’s like Legos. Trust building is like working with the mega set. It’s thousands of tiny pieces that go together…eventually. The end product isn’t even visible at the beginning…..at first one sees only a chaotic pile of random pieces.

But with diligence, time, and sometimes some support from a more experienced builder, that epic set is all put together! One Lego piece at a time. Keep building! One of these days this

will become this!