New Beginnings

We think of this season of spring as an example of the beauty of new beginnings. So often in our personal lives we disdain the thought of starting over, and…
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March flowers!

Have you seen the spring flowers that have bloomed recently!? Their beauty comes forth and blooms in spite of. These bulbs start to come alive in the heart of winter…
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Conversation Breaks

We all need breaks sometimes in challenging conversations. This is a helpful write-up on why taking conversation breaks can sometimes be exactly what is needed. Both the graphic with suggestions…
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Sympathy is missing the point

Did you know that sympathy is the enemy of empathy? What is empathy, exactly? In this animated YouTube short film, Brene Brown talks about how to help someone who is…
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Anatomy of Trust

Great practical wisdom on what it takes to be healthy…Quick and to the point!
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LightSource Reloaded – Toxic Love

When Someone You Love Is Toxic If you have ever been in relationship with someone who is dysfunctional to the point of toxicity, most of us can relate. Whether that…
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